Why Conspiracy, because a successful project to change the status quo requires collaboration - a passionate and harmonious commitment from all contributors to the design and building process: client, architect, contractor, consultants and tradespeople. Design Conspiracy intimately connects with each project and encourages an enthusiastic alliance within the project team to fulfill a client’s needs, desires and expectations. Architecture should engage its occupants and inspire positive environmental experiences. The places where we live, work and gather influence our lives and well-designed spaces can be transformative, enriching each moment. Design Conspiracy strives to create these types of spaces. Each project presents unique circumstances that require investigation, study and a personalized approach.  Curiosity and passion for design compels us to evaluate the specific conditions of each project and to develop and explore innovative forms, materials and details. Sustainable design, once a luxury, has become an ethical necessity and often a legal requirement. Design Conspiracy is committed to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources. Sustainability is an integral part of the firm’s design and decision-making process. Clients are presented with ‘green’ options regarding design and materials as well as energy and water consumption.


Design Conspiracy is an architecture and design firm based in San Francisco specializing in modern residential projects. We provide comprehensive architectural and design services from initial conceptual schemes through completion of construction. Jon Peterson, founder and principal, is a California licensed architect and a LEED Accredited Professional.